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Choose when—and how—you pay.

Enjoy your dream trip on your schedule.

Pay bi-weekly or monthly

This makes paying for your trip easy and convenient. Have small payments taken out automatically once or twice a month, with absolutely no fees.

Service fee: $0

Deposit at booking: At least $150*

Payments: These are taken automatically, monthly or bi-weekly, from the card or checking account you use at checkout.

Payment types: Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard), checking account.

Final payment deadline: 30 days before your trip leaves (but you won't have to worry—it's automatic).

*If you book your trip less than 100 days before departure, the minimum deposit will be $750. Trips booked less than 60 days before departure must be paid in full.

Pay manually

Don’t want your payments on a fixed schedule? This is the plan for you. With no fixed schedule of payments and no fixed amount, the Manual Payment Plan puts the control in your hands.

Service fee: $50*

Deposit at booking: At least $450 (plus the cost of Travel Protection, if purchased).

Payments: To make a payment, just log into your online account.

Final payment deadline: Your balance must be paid off by 99 days before your trip leaves.

*$50 service fee covers costs associated with processing these payments.

Pay in full

Pay for your trip in its entirety right from the start and get ready to travel.

Service fee: $0

Payment types: Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard), checking account

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