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European Road Trip

17 Days  •  7 Cities //@ts-ignore//@ts-ignore 67

Why Go?

This trip is fast. This trip is furious. This trip is nothing like the movie “The Fast and the Furious.” Get ready for a 17-day Euro-trip through five countries (yes 5) that will take you from windmills and winding canals to clock towers and cathedrals. Eat, drink, and explore your way through some of Europe’s most iconic cities, like London, Paris, and Rome. It’s the appetizer platter of trips. Take in a museum here. A club there. A yodeling Swiss man in the Alps. And by the end you’ll be craving more of those sweet, sweet, mozzarella sticks—or in this case, Italy.


What are the top highlights?

  • Visit 5 different European countries and their best cities
  • Go for high tea after catching the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace
  • Pedal through the streets of Amsterdam amongst hundreds of thousands of bikes
  • Marvel at the City of Light from the Champ de Mars
  • Eat gelato until you can't eat any more. Then eat more.
  • Test your yodeling skills in the pristine Swiss Alps
  • Walk the footsteps of the Gladiators in the Colosseum

Your trip includes

  • Round-trip flights & airport transfers
  • Multilingual Tour Director & local guides
  • Private motorcoach
  • Internal flights & trains
  • 15 nights in hand-picked accommodations
  • Welcome Mixer with appetizers & drinks
  • Daily breakfast & three-course Farewell Dinner
  • Metro passes in each major city
  • Entrance to the Colosseum & other select attractions


You’ll stay at accommodations hand-picked by our team of local experts, in rooms only for EF Ultimate Break travelers. Each property is located in a safe, convenient area. You’ll receive your exact accommodations 30 days before your trip departs.

Click **here **for examples of where you'll stay.


Admit it, booking flights is the worst. Here's why you should let us do it for you:

  • Flight costs are included in your monthly payment plan, so you can pay over time
  • Airport transfers are included, so we’ll be waiting, sign in hand
  • Flights are booked with major airlines
  • 24/7 support no matter what time zone you’re in
  • One checked bag included on most flights
  • Option to make changes to your trip up to 99 days before departure

Booking with a friend? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re on the same flight. Still want to book your own flights? That’s cool, simply select ‘No flights included’ instead of your departure city in the ‘Flights from’ dropdown.


Day 1: Overnight Flight

Board your overnight flight, bound for London. Find streets named Quaggy Walk, Ha Ha Road, and Cyclops Mews. If you see anything really out there, let us know.

Day 2: Arrive in London

Welcome to London! Home of the band Queen (and you know, the actual Queen). Visit grand palaces, famous parks, and local hotspots of the Royal Family, George Orwell, Dylan Thomas, Jimi Hendrix, Charles Dickens, and many more.

Today's Highlights:

  • Meet an EF representative at the airport.
  • Check in at your accommodations.
  • Receive the latest schedule from your Tour Director.
  • Take a quick walk around your area with your Tour Director.
  • See River Thames, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden.

In the evening, it's time for your Welcome Mixer. Enjoy appetizers and drinks with your new friends and travelers. Afterwards, you’re free to take the party elsewhere!

Day 3: Explore London + Optional London Eye and River Cruise

Hit the highlights of London with a local guide giving you all the inside info. Get ready to see royal palaces, down a pint of room-temperature beer (it’s how the locals drink it), and walk like a Beatle—from the band. Not a bug. Looking for a different perspective? See the city by boat and by giant ferris wheel during an optional excursion.

Today's Highlights:

  • Wave hello to Big Ben, the bell inside the clock tower.
  • Go to Westminster Abbey, where William and Kate, and decades of royals have been wed.
  • Experience a royal ritual during the Changing of the Guards.
  • Walk around and explore the city.

Free Time Suggestions
Be a Beatle: Head to Abbey Road and walk what’s probably the world’s most famous crosswalk. This storied spot is a must-see for even the most casual Beatles fan.
Tower of London: Feel like a royal in the historic castle and see the legendary Crown Jewels, just don’t play dress up with them.

London Eye & River Cruise(extra cost)

If you’re going to see London, see it properly: from air and sea. Fly high on the London Eye: Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, providing panoramic views of all the iconic landmarks, including The Shard, The Gherkin & The Banana (okay, maybe we made that last one up). Afterwards, sail down the River Thames with tea & crumpets. Take in the local flavours & colours, and realize that you love London so much you’ve started spelling words the British way.

Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

Day 4: Enjoy a Free Day in London

Take the day to explore. Walk through some of the many royal gardens, shop on Oxford Street, go for high tea, or explore the city by foot. At 607 square miles, the city is an easy place to get your 10,000 steps in.

Today's Highlights:

  • Walk the cobblestone streets of London.
  • Explore Piccadilly Circus. You won’t find clowns and trapeze artists here. Just shopping and all the entertainment your heart desires.
  • Sip on a cup of English Breakfast at high tea—don’t forget, pinky’s up!

Free Time Suggestions
Boleyn Alley: Where flowers bloom, vegetables grow, and a young girl finds a key to… woops, wrong garden. Seek out bargains at this bustling covered market full of souvenirs, clothes, crafts, and much more.

Day 5: Travel to Amsterdam

Get all the fake British accent out of your system, you’re headed to Amsterdam. There’s so much to love, from the canals to Van Gogh to the legendary, laid-back attitude. Home of the famous Red Light District and a city that consists of more bikes than people, Amsterdam is one-of-a-kind. Seriously, how many cities do you know of with floating houses and hot waffles with caramel served anytime of the day?

Today's Highlights:

  • Travel by train to Amsterdam.
  • Take a brief walk of the area with your Tour Director.
  • Chill out in one of the city’s lush green spaces. Rembrandtpark and Vondelpark are two of our favorite parks, perfect for a lazy afternoon.
  • Make your way to Dam Square, the central public square of Amsterdam, and enjoy the happy, laid-back local attitude. We’re sure the coffee shops have nothing to do with that...
  • See how Amsterdam does nightlife with a visit to Leidseplein Square, an energetic area filled with bars, restaurants, and street performers.

Day 6: Explore Amsterdam + Optional Excursions

By now you’ve probably realized Amsterdam is not your average city. It’s a multicultural, coffee-loving place, home to really friendly (and tall) people. Oh, and there’s an entire houseboat filled with stray cats called Poezenboot, because what city doesn’t have one? Answer: the rest of them. Today, you’ll experience the unique character of Amsterdam, guided by a local expert. Then you’re free to spend the day exploring on your own.

Today's Highlights:

  • Meet your local guide for an in-depth tour of the city, and walk along a few of Amsterdam’s 165 canals.
  • Stroll through the Jordaan Neighborhood. Nestled in central Amsterdam, this upscale area is filled with art galleries, patio restaurants, cafes, and music. Yeah, sounds pretty great.
  • Tour Nieuwmarkt, a lively city square, market, and nightlife hotspot. Talk about a triple-threat.
  • Stop in the Red Light District, because no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without visiting this iconic area known for sex shops, coffee houses, and everything in between.

Free Time Suggestions
Say Cheese: Get a taste for Dutch culture at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. Yes. A museum entirely dedicated to the history of cheese making, complete with samples of local specialties. And did we mention you get to dress up like a traditional Dutch cheese farmer? We won’t blame you if you spend the entire day here.
Beer Me a Beer: Amstel and Heineken are rooted here in Amsterdam. Check out the Heineken Experience for a magical, behind-the-scenes look at one of the world's largest beer companies.

Chocolate & Spice-Tasting Workshop(extra cost)

As the largest cacao harbor in the world, Amsterdam has been raking in money and spices for centuries—and has shaped the cuisine we eat around the world (including your mom’s meatloaf). During this workshop get ready for a sensory overload as you smell, touch, and, more importantly, taste four different spices from the Spice Islands. After you’ve had some spice, it’s time for something nice—chocolate! Try five types of chocolate (including 100% pure cacao) and four homemade chocolates made with some of the spices that are traded every day. Plus, take a bonbon or chocolate to take home to share with someone. Because sharing is caring, right?

Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

Dutch Countryside Bike Tour(extra cost)

Bike like a local through the streets and countryside of Amsterdam. You’ll start by pedaling through the city, then take a ferry across the North Holland Canal. On the other side, leave behind gleaming landmarks like the Amsterdam Tower and Eye Film Museum as you glide deeper into Holland. You’ll ride through rural landscapes (complete with cows-galore) and see the picturesque windmills and 17th century villages. Enjoy pancakes and a drink while soaking up the stunning Dutch countryside. Experience the quaint Waterland region by the sea before biking back to big city life.

Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

Day 7: Travel to Paris

Next stop: Paris! Visit grand palaces, royal chateau’s, and famous museums by day, and then stroll through the romantically-lit city by night. After trying to read Mona Lisa’s expression and drooling over jaw-dropping sites, you’ll definitely have all the feels for the City of Love. (Cue romantic French café music).

Today's Highlights:

  • Say goodbye to Amsterdam and board the bus to Paris.
  • Take a quick walk of the area with your Tour Director and your new BFF’s, AKA, your group.
  • Stand in awe in front of the Eiffel Tower as the lights sparkle against the night. Pro tip: this happens every hour on the hour.

Day 8: Tour de Paris + Optional Versailles Excursion

Explore the city of love, light, and haute couture with a local guide. If you come across a Statue of Liberty, don’t be alarmed—the champagne hasn’t gone to your head, Paris is actually home to multiple replicas, one of which faces her sister from another mister that stands in New York. Then, get into a royal state of mind on an optional excursion to Versailles, and ask the Hall of Mirrors who is the fairest of them all (it’s you, duh).

Today's Highlights:

  • Get the inside scoop on Parisian culture and try to understand why this high-end, fashion forward city likes to snack on snails.
  • Make the city your runway as you strut down a couple of the 6,100 streets, and hit up some well-known areas like Bastille, Montmarte, and Parc de Belleville.
  • Stand in awe of the Arc de Triomphe, which stands in honor of those who fought in the French Revolution.
  • Work your angles, and snap an obligatory picture with your finger atop the Louvre’s pyramid point.

Free Time Suggestions
Fall in Louvre: Paris is home to some of the world’s most incredible art collections. Admire the Venus de Milo at the Louvre or check out modern art and the insides of a clock tower at Musee d’Orsay.
C'est Magnifique!: Head to Montmartre, a neighborhood filled with street art, incredible views overlooking the city, and the famous Sacré Cœur Cathedral. Home to, and inspiration for artists like Picasso, van Gogh, Matisse, Dali, and Monet, this is the perfect place to take a stroll and admire a more authentic side of Paris.

Versailles(extra cost)

Spend the afternoon at the over-the-top palace of Louis XIV. Not far from Paris, this is where French royalty reveled in their extravagant lifestyle in the decades before the Revolution. At one point, a thousand nobles were attended by 4,000 servants inside the palace, while 15,000 soldiers and servants lived in the annexes. Walk through the landscaped gardens, tour the State Apartments of the King and the Queen, and see the Hall of Mirrors.

Please note: This excursion must be booked at least 45 days prior to tour departure.

Day 9: Travel to Lucerne

All aboard for a scenic train ride through the European countryside! Watch as rolling hills give way to majestic, snow-capped Alps. You're headed to Switzerland.

Today's Highlights:

  • Depart Paris via train in the morning.
  • Sit back and relax as you take in some of Europe's most dreamlike landscapes.
  • Walk the narrow streets and take in the incredible mountain scenery with your Tour Director.
  • See the one-of-a-kind Löwendenkmal, a surprisingly impressive and massive rock carving of a dying lion, carved to commemorate the Swiss Guards who were killed during the French Revolution.
  • Walk across the Kapellbrücke—this mural-lined covered bridge was originally built back in medieval times.

Day 10: Experience Switzerland + Take a Trip up the Swiss Alps (Optional)

Today you’ll experience why people are flocking to Switzerland (and it’s not just for the chocolate and cheese). Walk the streets of historic Lucerne, and marvel at the snow-capped Swiss Alps in the distance.

Today's Highlights:

  • Wander the maze-like, cobblestone streets of Old Town Lucerne.
  • Follow your nose in search of famous Swiss chocolate.
  • Look up—way up—at the massive mountains that surround the city.

Trip up the Swiss Alps(extra cost)

Take an amazing trip to the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, the majestic mountains dominating the Lucerne skyline. Travel to the foot of the mountain by boat across Lake Lucerne, and then ride a cable car to the top. Take in the incredible panoramic views—see the city of Lucerne, its pristine lake, and the snow-capped Alps.

Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

Day 11: Travel to the Venice Region via Como

You’re heading to the Venice Region, the renowned former naval power of Italy. Grab your walking shoes, a good map (like a really good map) and hit the narrow, winding, organized, yet maddeningly confusing streets. The one-of-a-kind canals have to be seen to be appreciated. Watch the gondolas, browse the shops, and eat gelato until you can't eat anymore.

Today's Highlights:

  • Trade in the Alps for some canals, but first, make a pit stop along Lake Como, one of the biggest, bluest, best-loved lakes in Italy.
  • Snap some scenic pics of Lake Como to kick off Italy’s debut on your Instagram.
  • Arrive in the Venice Region and prepare to get your gondola on, because canoes are so last season.
  • Explore the area with your Tour Director, and familiarize yourself with the whereabouts of some important spots. And yes, the nearest wine shop counts as an important spot.

Day 12: Tour Venice

Get ready to see Venice through the eyes of a local Italian. Your guide will show you canals, an extraordinary basilica, and a staircase shaped like a snail. It’s only your second day in Italy, so you definitely haven’t had enough pasta yet. Eat more pasta.

Today's Highlights:

  • Travel from mainland Venice to the island, catching sight of St. Mark's Basilica, plenty of gondolas, and the spectacular Venetian skyline.
  • See several historic churches and lose yourself in the narrow streets of Venice.
  • Follow the winding Grand Canal through the heart of Venice.
  • Play Marco polo from across the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge in the city that connects San Marco and San Polo.

Free Time Suggestions
300 Years Young: Opened in 1720, Caffè Florian is the oldest café in the world. And while the venue may be old, their beliefs have always been ahead of their time. They were the only café to serve women during the 18th century. Nicely done, Florian.
Book Worm: Check out Acqua Alta Library, a hidden bookstore where the books are piled from floor to ceiling, and kittens run around just waiting for some company.

Day 13: Travel to Florence

Board your private coach; you’re heading to Florence, deep in the romantic Tuscan hillside of Italy. Is that love in the air? Or just the smell of artisanal wines and cheeses? Either way, get excited. Practice saying “Che bello!” because beautiful describes this place to a tee.

Today's Highlights:

  • Kiss the canals goodbye (but not really…that would be weird and not very hygienic) and head to Tuscany.
  • Throw on some comfortable shoes for a walking tour of Florence, led by a local guide.
  • Stroll the Piazza della Signoria, home to the Uffizi Gallery and that famous naked guy (also known as Michelangelo’s David).
  • Visit the Duomo Cathedral. Return during your free time and challenge yourself to climb the 463 steps to the top for stunning views of the city.
  • Begin to fall in love with Florence. Feel free to pinch yourself, but no, you’re not dreaming.

Day 14: Travel to Rome via Orvieto

Travel to Rome via Orvieto. Goodbye, Florence. Hello, Rome, Italy’s capital city that is bursting at the seams with energy. Locals fill the streets, day and night, usually doing something that involves eating or drinking. And how can you blame them when pasta, pizza, gelato, coffee, and wine are everywhere you look? Rome is all big city/ancient ruins, served with a side of spaghetti.

Today's Highlights:

  • Board your private coach, bound for Rome.
  • Stop in Orvieto, a quaint Italian hill town that’s as fun to visit as it is to say in an Italian accent.
  • Marvel at the artistry of the facade of Orvieto’s stunning cathedral, built in 1290 (no, that’s not a typo—it’s really that old.)
  • Arrive in Rome, surrounded by art, ruins, and 2.9 million people
  • Take a tour of the surrounding area with your Tour Director, stopping by some famous attractions, and more than few gelato shops.

Day 15: Tour Rome + Optional Pasta-Making Class

Tour Rome with a local guide. Then, if you choose, complete your transformation to becoming a full Italian as you learn how to make authentic pasta by hand.

Today's Highlights:

  • Tour the city with a local guide who will show you why Rome is one of the most legendary cities in Europe.
  • See the ruins of ancient Rome.
  • Rub your belly in anticipation for the optional pasta-making class.

Taste of Italy Pasta-Making Class(extra cost)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do best: cook awesome food. It starts with crafting the dough for homemade pasta, and finishes with a delicious meal prepared by your own hands. Along the way, you’ll get to taste some of Italy's finest local snacks with a local food guide while learning about Italian food traditions throughout the ages. This is truly the authentic cuisine experience you can’t find anywhere but Italy itself.

Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

Day 16: Free day in Rome + Optional Visit to the Vatican

Stroll Vatican City, home of the Pope and headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Prepare for crowds, but for good reason. This is an opportunity to visit the smallest country in the world, plus catch a glimpse of the most interesting ceiling you’ve ever seen. (The floors are fine too, but it’s really the ceiling’s time to shine).

Today's Highlights:

  • Get an in-depth look into Papal history and politics with an expert guide.
  • Cross another country of your list (Vatican City is an independent nation).
  • Look up (like, straight up) at the frescos of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s greatest work.
  • Visit the Vatican Museum, one of the largest, most renowned art exhibits in the world.

Free Time Suggestions
Trevi Fountain: Rumor has it, if turn your back to the Trevi Fountain and toss a coin over your shoulder, it guarantees you’ll return to the Eternal City. Throw in a second coin, and you’ll not only come back, but also find love. (Significant other not guaranteed by EF Ultimate Break.)
Shopping on Vide del Corso: Walk down the longest pedestrian street in the city for some prime shopping. Populated by both locals and tourists, there’s room for everyone on the narrow store-filled street.

Farewell Dinner
Share some last laughs (and maybe shed a few tears) at an included farewell dinner with the group.

A Visit to the Vatican(extra cost)

Hey MTV Cribs, welcome to the Pope’s house: Vatican City. Skip all the lines (you’re welcome) and take a guided tour of the Vatican Museum and get your Intro to Art History up close and personal. Make like Michelangelo and crane your neck in the Sistine Chapel to get a glimpse of the single most famous painting of two fingers touching ever made. Let the neck craning continue as you tour St. Peter’s Basilica and gawk at its iconic dome. A great excuse to go to church, and an even better excuse to make a massage appointment when you get home.

Day 17: Fly Home

Arrivederci, amici!
Translation: Goodbye, friends. Your next destination awaits—home. Before you head to the airport, enjoy your last few moments together. Take one more group photo. Grab that final drink. (Fine, maybe a couple of drinks.) But this isn’t goodbye. It’s “See you later.” The only question is, where?



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